Tocatì International Festival of Street Games

13 September 2024
Tocatì was born to play, attend folk music performances from distant countries, taste its products in the squares and rediscover the ancient games of the Veronese tradition.
Do you know where the name of this festival comes from? "Toca-a-Tì", or "it's your turn": is a Venetian expression used to say: "it's your turn". Now it's your turn too! Get back into the game, literally, and go back to being a little bit of a child. Not to mention that at Tocatì there is so much to learn, because every year it hosts a new region or a new country and this year the guest country will be Portugal, with its traditional games, dances and typical dishes.


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Forget the car in our garage!
  • Near Arena
    di Verona
    30 seconds
  • Juliet's balcony
    and house
    4 minutes
  • Shopping in
    Mazzini Street
    1 minute
  • Castelvecchio
    e ponte scaligero
    8 minutes
  • Erbe
    5 minutes

In the Hotel, in the center of Verona, we have a private and guarded garage with electric charging cars.


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