Visita guidata di Verona

Guided tour of Verona

2h it, en, de, es
Visita guidata di Verona

Get ready to follow your guide into the historic city centre. Visit the most important monuments from the outside, such as the ancient Roman Arena and Juliet's enchanting balcony

Enjoy a nice walk through alleys, hidden gems and enchanting streets. Discover the old city walls, the ruins left by the Roman and medieval times. Ask your guide about the ancient legends of Verona and what the lifestyle of the locals is like.

Forget the car in our garage!
  • Near Arena
    di Verona
    30 seconds
  • Juliet's balcony
    and house
    4 minutes
  • Shopping in
    Mazzini Street
    1 minute
  • Castelvecchio
    e ponte scaligero
    8 minutes
  • Erbe
    5 minutes

In the Hotel, in the center of Verona, we have a private and guarded garage with electric charging cars.

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