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  • Verona

    Strategic position to reach other wonderful tourist destinations

    Verona is not only "Verona" but also the perfect place to start to visit an awesome part of Italy from. Let us come with you on this virtual walk even now, to discover, before arriving at Giulietta e Romeo, which could be the stages of your journey. Choose the ones you like the most and start dreaming, waiting to visit them live!

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Imagine a hilly area which the precious nectar of the gods flows from: we are in Valpolicella, an area with a mild climate that unites seven Venetian districts under a single denomination. This area is known not only for its wine, which has been awarded several prestigious labels but also for the prestigious Venetian villas that attract visitors from all over the world. Its characteristic toponym, which scientists have been questioning for several centuries about, seems to be derived from the Latin "Vallis-polis-cellae" or "Valley of many wineries". Even today, you can visit many of them through guided tours to discover the heady wine of this famous area.

Lago di Garda

Garda Lake

Garda Lake is probably the best known in Italy, thanks partly to the famous “Gardaland” playground located near this area. But even for those who are not fond of roller coasters, Lake Garda is a very famous destination. Here the wonderful towns of Limone and Sirmione arise, and these are just a couple of names, known to tourists from all over the world. And then you can find breathtaking cycle paths with suggestive views, relaxation, mild climate and good food. If you are on holiday at the Giulietta e Romeo in Verona, you cannot really miss the opportunity to come on a trip to the shores of this great lake with a thousand faces.



Mantua, the city of the ancient poet Virgil, is surrounded by three artificial lakes and it is not far from Verona. It is best known for its wonderful Ducale Palace, built by the Gonzagas, where the famous Camera degli Sposi is, decorated wiith beautiful frescoes by Andrea Mantegna. The Gonzagas also built the Te Palace, best known for the Sala dei Giganti, full of paintings depicting mythological scenes. The small centre is very characteristic with its shops where you can buy local specialities such as pumpkin tortelli: an exquisite souvenir to take home with.



After Verona, Venice is perhaps the most romantic city in the world. It still represents almost a daydream: its canals, calle, gondolas and San Marco Square are unmistakable symbols of beauty. In February, you can attend the famous Venice Carnival, which has not stopped enchanting its tourists for over a thousand years. And then the Doge's Palace, the Rialto Bridge, the Biennale, the Ghetto with the Synagogue, as well as the numerous museums, will absolutely amaze you. Do not miss a visit to the two island districts of Murano and Burano to discover the ancient secrets of the noble art of glass!

Parco Naturale della Lessinia

The Natural Park of Lessinia

With its land of more than 10,000 hectares and a height that reaches almost 2,000 meters, the Lessinia Regional Natural Park is a real luxuriant paradise, nestled between the Small Dolomites, Verona city and Baldo Mount. Once upon a time, a warm sea stretched out on the plateau, with tropical flora and fauna, and the numerous fossil remains, found here, prove this. Steles of stone and sacred figures in bas-relief were then succeeded by the mountain pastures and the district's buildings, bearing witness to a culture that is always alive and articulated. Then discover the rich ecosystem that has been protected and guarded here for more than thirty years to immerse yourself fully in the nature of the Lessini Mountains.


We collaborate with Veronality and Valpolicella Tasting teams of experts, who organize unique experiences within our territory: we have selected the three most interesting tours for you, but you can also find many other proposals.

Have you identified an experience you don't want to miss? We can book it for you! If instead you want to personalize your experience to the maximum, discover all the tours on the Ways Tours and Valpolicella Tasting website and book independently.

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In the Hotel, in the center of Verona, we have a private and guarded garage with electric charging cars.

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