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    A romantic walk through history and art

    If this is the first time you visit Verona, we will be happy to give you some interesting ideas to let you know it better. Follow us in this virtual tour, where we will give you some guidance for discovering the wonders of this city of a thousand faces.

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    VERONA CARD is a cumulative ticket wich you can access for free or on sale with to the main museums in Verona. You can buy it online, in a tobacco shop or in the first monument you visit.

Arena e Piazza Bra

Arena and Piazza Bra


The Roman amphitheatre is the most famous monument in the city. After different uses of it over the centuries, today, it's the place where festivals, opera seasons, and several events, including shows and concerts, take place. Visit the Foundation's official website to pick up information on dates and tickets.
Piazza Bra, often called 'la Bra' (from braida, a word of Lombard origin, means 'wide'), is the largest Verona square. It houses the Arena, with some prestigious buildings, including the Gran Guardia and Barbieri Palace, and many statues and commemorative plaques.

Balcone e casa di Giulietta

Juliet's balcony and house


A few minutes from the Hotel Giulietta e Romeo, you can visit the famous love story places: Juliet's House, Romeo's House, the thirteenth-century door which Romeo left the city towards exile from and Juliet's tomb. Retrace the stages of this poignant love story known worldwide; stop to admire the bronze statue of Juliet and the well-known balcony from which - it is said - she looked out to converse with her Romeo. These places have inspired Shakespearean history and novels, films, and stories that recall the past of the two famous lovers.




Castelvecchio was originally called Castello di San Martino in Acquaro. It is a medieval fort that stands in Verona's historic centre and it's now home to the homonymous civic museum. It is the most important monument of the Scala family and it's equipped with a keep and a fortified bridge. The museum houses numerous medieval and Renaissance frescoes and works by great artists of the past: Pisanello, Bellini, Carpaccio, Mantegna and Rubens - to name a few -. Let yourself be charmed by the magnificence of this historic castle, visiting it and strolling around its mighty walls.

Piazza delle Erbe

Erbe Square


Verona's charming corner, where palaces, towers, statues, and architectural elements meet to give life to an artistic and harmonious collage, which has no equal in the world. It is considered one of the most beautiful squares in Italy, and in the past, it was the hub of the city's social, economic and religious life. Today you can look at several buildings, which have elevated the square over the centuries: the Palazzo della Ragione (or Palazzo del Comune), the Lamberti Tower, the Giudici House, the Arco's arch, the Mazzanti Houses and Maffei Palace . Other civil and architectural structures also decorate the square: Gardello's Tower, the Domus Mercatorum, the Ancient Column and the Column of San Marco and, in the centre of the square, the 14th-century Madonna Verona Fountain.

Castel San Pietro

San Pietro Castle

San Pietro castle is a building located on an amazing hill in Verona, in an elevated and dominant position. This building enjoys an awe-inspiring panoramic view and it can be reached through the Castel San Pietro funicular. It is now destined to become the seat of the City Museum of nineteenth-century origin, thanks to a revitalization plan launched in 2002 and aimed at recovering the barracks.

Piazza dei Signori e Arche Scaligere

Piazza dei Signori and Arche Scaligere

Also known as 'Piazza Dante' - for the monument dedicated to the Supreme Poet -, Piazza dei Signori is located in the historic centre of Verona, next to Piazza delle Erbe and with which it shares the presence of some important buildings, including the Palazzo della Ragione and the Torre dei Lamberti. But you can also discover: Palazzo di Cansignorio, Palazzo del Podestà, the Loggia del Consiglio and the Church of Santa Maria Antica.

Ponte pietra

Pietra Bridge

It is the oldest bridge in Verona on the Adige river, the only one remaining from the Roman era. After having survived several floods, it was made to shine by German soldiers during the Second World War and then rebuilt by anastylosis with stones recovered from the river. Ponte Pietra is an arched bridge, almost 100 meters long and 7 meters wide, with five arches of different lengths. Before the reconstruction after the war, the bridge underwent medieval restorations, which allowed it to reach our days.


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